Australia caravan self drive road trips

Self Drive Caravan Road Trips

Self drive caravan touring in Australia is an exciting and rewarding experience. The country is full of fabulous scenery, great experiences, and friendly people. Just click these links for a list of all the attractions and towns that you will see on the road trips shown on this website.

Ocean floor self drive australia caravan tour  

Australia is a vast country with an amazing variety of landscapes. The one above is the floor of an ancient sea near the opal own of Coober Pedy in South Australia. It dried up long ago and you can find fossilised shells at almost every step.

Coral reef trip 

If you would rather swim in a modern ocean brimming with beautiful fish or explore a tropical rainforest, you will find it all in Australia. There is an abundance of sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, coral reefs, mountain ranges, and snow covered peaks in this amazing country.

Tasmania holiday

The road trips shown here are designed to help you plan a fantastic self drive holiday that will take you to a wonderful world of new and exciting places. You can choose to experience just one of these trips or join several together and make it a real journey of discovery. It's all up to you, and the type of Aussie adventure you want to have. 

Crocodile holiday tour 

Australia is an island continent that has been cut off from the rest of the world for millions of years. It developed many unique animals like the kangaroos, koalas, and crocodiles you already know, but have you seen a platypus? It has a duck's bill, swims in the rivers, is covered with fur, and lays eggs. And that's not the only strange animal you will see! Australia is not only famous for its natural beauty.

 Sydney opera house

Some of the world's most recognisable landmarks will be found in these self drive caravan road trips. There is so much to see and do in Australia that you might never want to go home.